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Shine Window Cleaning llc provides free estimates for commercial and residential window cleaning, pressure washing and gutter cleaning service located in Fairfield County.

For the past 14 years, Our local window cleaning company has developed the most impressive techniques and mastered all cleaning services such as: Window Cleaning Service, Pressure Washing service, Gutter Cleaning service, Chandelier & Light fixture Cleaning service, Snow Removal, Roof Cleaning service & much more...

 Shine Window Cleaning has a flawless reputation of doing what is expected or even the extra mile. Using the proper cleaning equipment and years of experience Shine guarantees excellent service. 

Shine provides quick, accurate and free window cleaning estimates.

Combine your Pressure Washing service with Window Cleaning service and save. Our Gutter Cleaning Service is a great way to insure your windows and siding stays clean. 

" A True Family Business "

gutter cleaning service-danbury and surrounding area
Protect your investment 
Keeping your gutter clear will protect your foundation and greatly reduce ice dams in the winter months.
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Window Cleaning 


                       Residential & Commercial.


  Shine Window Cleaning can clean all types of windows INSIDE & OUT 


  Interior window panes are cleaned with a Professional Grade squeegee, detergents and window mop, leaving an impressive finish.

Shoe covers are worn in your home at all times.  


Exterior window panes are cleaned using a combination of pure water technology and traditional type window cleaning techniques.

Window sills and frames are cleaned for a more thorough window cleaning service.


Add Screen Cleaning Service to reduce allergies and prolong cleaned window panes. 

Our Equipment is always being updated and inspected. Ladders always have protective padding to insure no marks are left behind on the interior and exterior.


Shine window cleaning can recognize all types of glass such as tempered non-tempered, and E-Coated glass to insure scratching wont occur while using the correct solutions and techniques to treat each application.


For your safety all windows and screens are closed and locked at the time of completion.


Shine window cleaning has 14 years of experience, cleaning all types of windows from commercial windows to residential windows. Shine has developed and mastered the most impressive techniques for a streak free brilliant SHINE. 

Shine has the right tools and equipment to get the job done. We have the right insurance for window cleaning service and other services we provide. 

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Residential & Commecial



Quick and accurate estimates 

Competitively priced 

Offering package deals for multiple cleaning services. 

Gutter Cleaning Service
gutter cleaning service

Our gutter cleaning and repair service is thorough. We remove all debris from the gutters and downspouts insuring proper flow of water away from your foundation. Keeping your gutters clean will greatly reduce ice damming and water damage in the winter months.

Soft Wash or Pressure Wash
pressure washing service

" Like New "

Give your home or business a fresh look with our Pressure Washing Service.

SHINE can clean all types of surfaces:

  • Roof shingles

  • Vinyl, Aluminum, Stucco & Wood Siding   

  • Concrete, Brick, & Stone walkways and more...

Light Fixture & Chandelier Cleaning Service
chandelier cleaning service

SHINE can make your Chandeliers & Light Fixtures SHINE with brilliance using a safe and effective method to chandelier cleaning.


We clean all types of Chandeliers & Light Fixtures


  • Crystal

  • Glass

  • All types of metal

  • Indoor & Outdoor


Roof Cleaning Service

Does your Roof look like this ?


It doesn't mean you have to replace your roof !

SHINE will make it look new again. We use special products to remove mold and lichen stains from your roof with gentle techniques that will last.

  • Asphalt Shingles

  • Cedar Shingles

  • Slate Shingles

  • Aluminum


Snow Removal Service
roof raking and ice dam removal service

Our Snow Plowing Service is Thorough. We Make sure the job is done right. Our speedy service gives you peace of mind that you wont be stuck waiting.

Also Offering:

  • Walkways 

  • Vehicles

  • Decks 

  • Salting