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Roof Wash 

Does your Roof look like this ?


It doesn't mean you have to replace your roof !

Have SHINE make it look new again. We use special products to remove mold and lichen stains from your roof with gentle techniques that will last.

  • Asphalt Shingles

  • Cedar Shingles

  • Slate Shingles

  • Aluminum


    Application of solution to kill mold, moss and lichen.
    Whole roof Soft Wash application of solution to kill mold, moss and lichen. Results get greater over time with rain, sun and wind. In the event that the roof has presence of moss, mold and mildew after 90 days  a second application is included and has a
    "zero growth" warranty of 2 years from the time of the first application. A onetime GUTTER CLEANING is included with this service to allow detergents to leave the roof and gutter system. If gutter guards are installed, gutter cleaning is $3 per linear ft.

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